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today, we will tlk about “How to download certificate from digilocker onlline?”. We also tell us about “What is digilocker?”, “How to create an account in digilocker?”, “How to fetch any document in digilocker?”, “How to login digilocker?”, What to do if I forgot my 6-digit security pin of digilocker?”, “How to search any document in digilocker?”, “Is digilocker safe?”, “digilocker app is safe or not”.

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What is Digilocker?

DigiLocker is a program by the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) as part of Digital India. Its goal is to empower citizens by giving them access to genuine digital documents in a digital wallet. DigiLocker is a safe online platform where you can store, share, and verify your documents and certificates.

In other words, digilocker is a digital wallet where you could save your personal documents like: passport, 10th DMC, 12th DMC, Voter Card, Pan card, Aadhar card, Driving License etc. in digiltal format.

Digilocker Overview

DeveloperMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India
Initial releaseDecember 2015
Works on (Operating system)Android 5 or above
iOS 11 or above
Web browsers
Size56.5 MB (Android)
68.2 MB (iOS)
App StatusAvailable on playstore
Digilocker Overview

Is digilocker safe?

Yes, My friend it is safe. DigiLocker ensures utmost security for its users, providing robust measures to protect your private data. The app is equipped with comprehensive security features to safeguard your information.

Digilocker app | Digilocker app download

DigiLocker is a program by the Government of India that is part of the Digital India initiative. Its main goal is to make India a digitally advanced society and economy. DigiLocker aims to reduce the need for physical documents by providing a platform where people can access and verify their documents and certificates digitally. Instead of carrying around paper documents, DigiLocker allows individuals to store and manage their important papers online. You can visit the DigiLocker website at https://digitallocker.gov.in/.

How to create an account in digilocker?

To Create an account in digilocker follow these steps:

Step-1. Go to Digilocker Official Website Or visit https://www.digilocker.gov.in/

Step-2. Click on the “SIGN UP” Button.

Step-3. Now, You will see the Sign up Form, Fill the complete data (Full Name: As per your Aadhar Card, User Name: a name including your first name with some numbers, Date Of Birth, Mobile number, G-mail Id, Enter Randomly 6-digit Pin: Save it for future login) Carefully and Smartly and Click on the ” Submit” Button.


Step-4. After click on the submit button otp sent to your entered mobile number to complete mobile number verification.

Step-5. After Successful verification, your digilocker account will be created successfully.

To enter your digilocker account, you need to click on the “SIGN IN” Button. To do that read the complete article. we also talk about “how to login digilocker account?” briefly.

How to login digilocker? | digilocker login

To Login your digilocker account follow these steps:

Step-1. Go to Digilocker Official Website Or visit https://www.digilocker.gov.in/

Step-2. Now, Click on the “SIGN IN” Button.

Step-3. Here, you will see 2-Options to “SIGN IN” to your account. As you shown in the below image:

  1. Option: To Log in With your Mobile Number.
  2. Option: To log in with your Aadhar Card Number/User Name and 6-digit Security Pin.

Step-4. Choose any one option from the above mentioned options and Enter your data. Click on the “Submit” button.

Step-5. After that a otp sent to your mobile number for verfication its you. Enter your otp carefully.

Step-6. After Successful mobile verification, you will be log in to your digilocker account successfully.

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What to do if I forgot my 6-digit security pin of digilocker?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. If you forgot your digilocker 6-digit security pin, then follow these steps to re-create or reset your digilocker 6-digit security pin:

Step-1. Go to Digilocker Official Website Or visit https://www.digilocker.gov.in/

Step-2. Now, Click on the “SIGN IN” Button.

Step-3. Under SIGN IN Tab Click on the “Aadhaar/username” Button.

Step-4. Now, you will see “forgot security pin” option bottom of the “Aadhar/username” Tab, Click on it.

Step-5. Now, enter your “Registered Mobile Number” and Click on the ” NEXT” button.

Step-6. A otp sent to your mobile number for verfication its you. Enter your otp and new 6-digit security pin.

Step-7. After that click on the “Submit” Button.

Congratulations, your digilocker 6-digit security pin will be successfully reset/re-created. Now, you can successfully “SIGN IN” to your digilocker account.

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How to fetch/issue any document in digilocker?

To fetch/issue any document in digilocker account, follow these steps:

Step-1. You need to first Sign in to your verified DigiLocker account using PIN/Username and enter OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Step-2. In the “Search Documents” Tab search your document, whose wish you want to fetch.

Step-3. After that searched document Issuer authority will be shown, Click on it and enter your details related document. Click on the “Issue document” Button.

Step-4. The fetched document is added to the “Issued Document” section of DigiLocker.

congratulations, you are now learn how to fetch any document in digilocker.

How to fetch any document in digilocker?

FAQs about digilocker

  1. Which company made DigiLocker?

    Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India.

  2. Is DigiLocker legal?

    Yes, digilocker is completely legal. It is managed by the Government of India.

  3. Is DigiLocker certificates valid?

    As per the IT Act 2000, digilocker documents/certificates are 100% valid.

  4. What is the best use of DigiLocker?

    DigiLocker serves as a secure storage platform for important documents and allows for convenient verification of credentials. You can confidently store essential documents such as PAN card, driving license, Aadhaar card, school marksheets, insurance papers, and more in DigiLocker, ensuring their safety and accessibility when needed.

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