Harsh Mariwala Net Worth 2024: A Success Story of Marico Chairman


Harsh Mariwala Net Worth 2024: Discover the remarkable journey of Harsh Mariwala, the visionary Chairman of Marico, as we delve into his net worth for 2024. Uncover the success story of this entrepreneurial titan, known for shaping Marico’s destiny and leaving an indelible mark on India’s business landscape. Join us in exploring his inspiring financial achievements.

Who is Harsh Mariwala?

Harsh Mariwala, an Indian entrepreneur, serves as the Founder and Chairman of Marico, a Fortune India 500 company based in Gujarat. Commencing his career in 1971 with Bombay Oil Industries, Mariwala later established Marico in 1990, evolving it into an FMCG powerhouse operating across 25 countries.


Beyond Marico, he founded Kaya Limited, Ascent Foundation, Marico Innovation Foundation, Mariwala Health Initiative, and Sharp Ventures, his family office. Mariwala is recognized not only for business acumen but also for fostering innovation, supporting mental health causes, and contributing to entrepreneurial learning.

Harsh Mariwala Net Worth 2024

According to Forbes, Harsh Mariwala’s real-time net worth at Rs 26,680 crore [Estimated]. His son, Rishabh, holds a board seat at Marico and manages Sharrp Ventures, the Mariwala family office, reflecting a shared commitment to overseeing diverse business interests and family wealth.

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Established by Mariwala, Sharrp Ventures, led by his son Rishabh, functions as the family office. This venture specializes in investments in both listed and unlisted companies. Up until 2017, Sharrp Ventures had made strategic investments in eight unlisted equities, five funds, and one incubator at various stages, ranging from seed to Series B.

Harsh Mariwala Early Life & Family

Harsh Mariwala’s family legacy traces back to 1862 when his grandfather, Vallabhdas Vasanji, migrated to Mumbai from Kutch. Known as “Mariwala” for dealing in pepper, Mariwala’s father, Charandas, founded Bombay Oil Industries Limited in 1948. Raised in South Mumbai, Harsh joined the family business in 1971.

In 1975, he propelled the consumer products division, elevating Parachute coconut oil and Saffola refined oil through innovations like smaller packaging and plastic bottles. His strategic focus on advertising, marketing, human resources, and distribution turned these brands into market leaders, shaping Marico’s success story in the process.

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Harsh Mariwala Personal Life – Wife & Child

Source of WealthConsumer goods
Lived InMumbai, India
Marital StatusMarried
EducationBachelor of Arts/Science, University of Mumbai

Harsh Mariwala, happily married to Archana with two children, Rajvi and Rishabh, witnessed both offspring contributing to the family business before venturing into their own pursuits. Rajvi is actively involved in the Marico Health Initiative, while Rishabh manages Soap Opera n More, oversees the family office Sharrp Ventures, and serves as a non-executive director at Marico.

Mariwala, a vegetarian from birth, maintains a robust fitness routine, hitting the gym daily and enjoying weekend rounds of golf. His passion extends to playing squash, swimming, fencing, and trekking, embodying a holistic approach to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Harsh Mariwala Professional Life – How He Started Marico?

Harsh Mariwala’s entrepreneurial journey led him to transform Bombay Oil Mills into Marico, a visionary move sparked by his desire for autonomy and a shift toward a business-to-consumer focus. Facing recruitment challenges, Mariwala relocated Marico’s office from Masjid Bunder to Bandra, fostering innovation and a culture of empowerment.

In the late 1990s, Marico expanded internationally, establishing a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh and acquiring brands worldwide. Saffola, Parachute, and other brands became synonymous with Marico’s diverse portfolio in hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming, and fabric care.


Mariwala’s strategic decisions included taking Marico public in 1996 and acquiring brands like Nihar and Set Wet. In 2003, he founded Kaya Limited under Marico, later demerging it in 2013 as an independent entity with 107 skin care clinics and a product range of 54 items.

In 2014, Mariwala transitioned from Managing Director to Chairman, ushering in professional leadership for day-to-day operations. His focus shifted to steering Marico’s strategic direction and overseeing board management. Mariwala’s legacy lies not only in building a global business empire but also in nurturing a company culture driven by innovation, trust, and employee empowerment. His journey exemplifies the evolution of Marico into a trailblazing force in the consumer goods industry.

Harsh Mariwala Social Media Profiles

Here’s list of social media profiles:

Harsh Mariwala Awards

  • 2009: Recognized with the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award.
  • 2020: Honored with the Ernst & Young World ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award.
  • 2022: Acknowledged with the AIMA Lifetime Achievement Award.


Q. What is the net worth of Harsh Mariwala?

According to Forbes, Harsh Mariwala’s expected net worth at Rs 26,680 crore.

Q. What are the products of Harsh Mariwala?

Harsh Mariwala has cultivated a diverse portfolio of consumer brands, spanning hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming, and fabric care. Notable brands under Marico’s umbrella include Saffola, Parachute, Hair & Care, Nihar, Livon, Set Wet, Mediker, and Revive.

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