Palo Alto Share Price Prediction 2024, 2025 to 2030

Palo Alto Share Price Prediction: Investors and market analysts have their eyes fixed on Palo Alto Networks Inc. (NYSE: PANW), a leading cybersecurity company, as its stock price continues to show promising growth potential. With recent projections indicating a steady climb in value over the coming years, savvy investors are keen to capitalize on this upward trajectory.

What is Palo Alto Networks, Inc.?

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is a multinational cybersecurity corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company’s primary offering is a comprehensive platform comprising advanced firewalls and cloud-based solutions that extend security coverage across various domains. Serving over 70,000 organizations across 150 countries, including 85 of the Fortune 100, Palo Alto Networks boasts a global presence.

Notably, it houses the Unit 42 threat research team and hosts the renowned Ignite cybersecurity conference. Recognized for its excellence, Palo Alto Networks secured the 8th position in the Forbes Digital 100 list in 2018.

Additionally, the company welcomed Nikesh Arora, a former executive at Google and SoftBank, as its Chairman and CEO in June 2018.

What did Palo Atlo Networks, Inc. Actually do?

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. specializes in providing enterprise-level IT security solutions. The company operates through three main divisions:

  1. Managed security services: This division focuses on services such as data center management, cloud-based data storage, data backup and recovery management, real-time monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications, among others.
  2. Cybersecurity solutions development: Palo Alto Networks develops software solutions aimed at detecting and preventing threats and intrusions, safeguarding against malicious programs, securing data, networks, and computer systems. These solutions include antivirus software, anti-spam tools, web filtering systems, and firewalls.
  3. Security consulting services: The company offers consulting services covering various aspects such as training on threat detection and response, risk management, and providing updates on emerging threats before, during, and after cyber attacks.

Geographically, Palo Alto Networks’ net sales are distributed across different regions, with the Americas accounting for 69.1% of sales, followed by Europe/Middle East/Africa at 19.2%, and Asia/Pacific at 11.7%.

As of the latest available data, Palo Alto Networks has a workforce of 14,789 employees.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. Fundamental Analysis

The company posted robust quarterly results, witnessing a 19% surge in revenue to $1.98 billion, fueled by growth across all regional segments. Despite challenges like softness in the U.S. federal vertical, Palo Alto Networks remains resolute in its strategic pivot towards platformization and leadership in artificial intelligence (AI).

With a focus on ramping up top-line acceleration and targeting over 90% recurring revenue in the future, the company aims for an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $15 billion by 2030.

Despite short-term hurdles, company leadership expresses confidence, striving to sustain heightened growth and achieve non-GAAP operating margins in the low to mid-30s. Additionally, they anticipate expanding operating margins by 100 basis points beyond the current year, consistent with prior guidance of 28% to 29%.

Palo Alto Share Price Predictions

[PANW] Palo Alto Share Price Prediction 2024

  • Beginning of the Year: The year kicks off with Palo Alto’s stock price at $294.88.
  • Current Status: As of now, the stock price stands at $316.15, representing a 7% increase since the start of the year.
  • Year-End Projection: Analysts forecast that by the end of 2024, the stock price will reach $513, indicating a significant rise of 74% from the beginning of the year.
  • Mid-Year Projection: By the middle of 2024, the stock price is expected to climb to $426, reflecting a promising uptrend.

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Palo Alto Share Price Prediction 2025

  • First Half: In the first half of 2025, the stock price is projected to increase to $518.
  • Second Half: By the end of the year, analysts anticipate further growth, with the stock price reaching $531, marking a substantial 68% increase from the current price.

Palo Alto Share Price Prediction 2026

  • Start of the Year: Palo Alto’s stock price begins 2026 at $531.
  • First Half: Within the initial six months, the stock price is expected to soar to $574.
  • Year-End Projection: By the end of 2026, analysts foresee the stock price reaching $582, reflecting an 84% increase from the current level.

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Palo Alto Share Price Prediction 2027

  • First Half: The stock price is projected to continue its upward trajectory, reaching $657 by mid-year.
  • Year-End: By the end of 2027, analysts anticipate a significant milestone, with the stock price hitting $679, signaling a remarkable 115% increase from the current valuation.

Palo Alto Share Price Prediction 2028

  • Year’s Start: Palo Alto’s stock price commences 2028 at $747.
  • End of the Year: By the close of 2028, analysts forecast the stock price to reach $795, representing a substantial 151% increase from the current price.

Palo Alto Share Price Prediction 2029, 2030 to 2035

  • Continued Growth: Over the subsequent years, Palo Alto’s stock price is expected to see consistent growth, reaching $835 by 2029, $886 by 2030, and surpassing $1,000 by 2033.
  • 2035: The forecast predicts the stock price to soar to $1,115 by the year 2035, marking a remarkable 253% increase from the current level.

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Does Palo Atlo Pays Dividends?

No, Palo Alto Networks (PANW) does not currently pay a cash dividend to its shareholders. This information is available on the company’s Investor FAQs page:

While the company does not distribute cash dividends, it did announce a 3-for-1 stock split in August 2022. This means that each shareholder received two additional shares for every share they held on the record date.

Where will Palo Atlo Networks stock be in 1 Year?

Palo Atlo Networks, Ltd. Strengths & Weakness


  • Expectations for growth progress are quite promising, with anticipated sharp increases in sales in the upcoming years.
  • The company boasts a relatively high EBITDA/Sales ratio, resulting in strong margins before depreciation, amortization, and taxes.
  • High margin levels contribute to robust profitability.
  • With a solid financial position, the firm has ample room for investment opportunities.
  • Analysts have consistently raised their EPS forecasts for the next fiscal year over the past twelve months.
  • Most analysts covering the company recommend either overweighting or purchasing the stock.
  • The average price target from interested analysts has seen significant upward revisions in the last four months.
  • Historically, the company has consistently reported figures that surpass expectations.


  • The company’s valuation based on earnings multiples is relatively high, with a current estimated earnings per share multiple of 48.14.
  • At current prices, the company’s valuation levels are notably high.
  • Relative to the value of its tangible assets, the company’s valuation appears elevated.
  • The company’s valuation is considered high compared to the cash flows it generates.
  • Over the past four months, sales outlook for the coming years has been revised downward, with no anticipated recovery in the group’s activities.
  • The average consensus view of analysts covering the stock has worsened over the past four months.


Each year in the forecast presents unique opportunities for investors, with Palo Alto’s stock price poised for significant growth. From steady climbs to exponential surges, the trajectory reflects market confidence in the company’s performance and potential. Investors should carefully monitor these projections and consider their investment strategies in light of the evolving market dynamics.

Disclaimer: Dear Reader, Please don’t consider these projections as a advice. This is based on my fundamental and technical analysis, but the actual growth of any company and stock contain many factors. So, Do your own research before taking any investment decision.

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