What is BO ID in Zerodha 2024: Step-By-Step Guide

Once you’ve set up your demat account with this discount broker, you might be curious about what is BO ID in Zerodha and where to locate it. Your BO ID, or Beneficial Owner Identification, is essentially the demat account number provided by the broker to its clients.

Now, before we get into the specifics, let’s start with some basics about the Zerodha demat account. So, here we go!

What is Zerodha Demat Account?

Zerodha provides its clients with a demat account and a trading account for share market transactions. To open the account, there’s a nominal fee of ₹200 and an account maintenance charge of ₹300 plus 18% GST (paid quarterly).

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After opening the account, people often wonder about their Zerodha demat account number and where to find it in the application. The next part will guide you in locating the 16-digit number, also known as BO ID, in Zerodha.

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How I Can Find my BO ID in Zerodha?

Finding your demat account number, also known as BO ID in Zerodha, can be confusing for many. BO ID, or Beneficiary Owner Identification Number, is a 16-digit unique identifier for a demat account.

To locate your BO ID in Zerodha, log in to the trading platform, Zerodha Kite.

Click on your Login ID, then navigate to My Profile.

In the browser version, look for the heading DP IDs, and the number next to Zerodha DP ID is your BO ID.

Alternatively, you can find your demat account in Zerodha’s back office software, Console. Open the application on your device, go to My Profile, and under Demat, find the subheading Demat ID / BO ID. The number next to it is your BO ID.

This 16-digit number consists of two parts: the first 8 digits represent the Depository Participant ID assigned to the broker, and the last 8 digits are the unique number for your demat account.

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What is BO ID in Zerodha?

The BO ID in Zerodha is the customer’s demat account number, serving as the Beneficiary Owner Identification Number. It consists of a 16-digit code assigned by CDSL (the depository) during the account opening process.

Example of a Zerodha BO ID: 1208160002420841

Breaking it down:

  • The initial 8 digits represent Zerodha’s DP ID (consistent for all Zerodha customers).
  • The final 8 digits constitute a unique client ID assigned by CDSL.


Is Demat Account Number or BO ID in Zerodha are same?

Yes, Demat account number or BO ID in Zerodha are same.

Is Bo ID and client ID the same?

No, BO ID and client ID are not the same. While they’re both related to your demat account, they serve different purposes.
Think of it like this: Your BO ID is like your full address, including house number and street name. It identifies your specific account within the depository (CDSL or NSDL). Your client ID, on the other hand, is like your house number alone. It identifies you within your Depository Participant (DP), like Zerodha or Angel One.

How do I get my Bo ID?

Step-1. Sign in to the Zerodha Kite website or mobile app.
Step-2. Select your client ID located at the top right.
Step-3. Choose the ‘My Profile’ link.
Step-4. Verify your DP ID, beginning with 12081600.
Step-5. This constitutes your CDSL BO ID.


In conclusion, the BO ID serves as your demat account number or unique identification provided when opening an account with the broker. To find your BO ID for future reference, simply log in to Kite or Zerodha Console.

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