Infibeam Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050: A Fundamental Analysis

Welcome to our blog post on Infibeam Share Price Target for the years 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050! In this article, we’ll conduct a fundamental analysis to provide you with insights into Infibeam’s potential growth trajectory over the coming decades.

Whether you’re an investor, enthusiast, or simply curious about the future prospects of Infibeam Avenues Limited, this analysis aims to offer you valuable information in a clear and user-friendly manner. Let’s delve into the fundamentals and explore what lies ahead for Infibeam’s share price.

About Infibeam Avenues Ltd.

Infibeam Avenues Limited, an Indian fintech company, provides digital payment solutions and enterprise software platforms to businesses and governments globally. Operating under the brands CCAvenue and BuildaBazaar, it facilitates payments through websites and mobile devices in over 27 currencies, offering catalog management and real-time price comparison features.

Its services include payment acquiring, issuance, and domestic and international remittances. Serving merchants, enterprises, corporations, governments, and financial institutions, Infibeam Avenues operates in markets including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United States.

Company Profile

Company NameInfibeam Avenues Ltd.
Company typePublic
BSE: 539807
IndustryInternet, Fintech
Founded2007; 17 years ago
FounderVishal Mehta
HeadquartersGIFT City, Gandhinagar, India
Area servedIndia, Middle East, USA & Australia
ServicesOnline payments
Internet services (data centres, domains)
e-commerce software,
Artificial Intelligence
RevenueIncrease ₹2,033 crore (US$250 million)[1]
Operating income(2023)
Net incomeIncrease ₹136 crore (US$17 million) (FY23)[1] (2023)
Number of employees650 (in 2022)
Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Share PriceBSE

Infibeam Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050

Company Performance:

  • Financials: Analyzing recent financial statements reveals consistent revenue growth, with a focus on profitability. However, concerns linger regarding debt levels and cash flow generation.
  • News: Recent partnerships and technology advancements indicate a commitment to innovation and expansion. However, competitive pressures and regulatory changes pose challenges.

Technical Insights:

  • Chart Analysis: While technical indicators suggest a bullish trend in the near term, potential resistance levels and breakout zones need monitoring.
  • Trading Volume: Increasing volume reflects growing investor interest, but volatility remains a factor.


  • Industry Outlook: The Indian fintech and e-commerce sectors are expected to boom, creating a favorable tailwind for Infibeam.
  • Valuation: Compared to peers, Infibeam’s valuation appears attractive, but further due diligence is crucial.

Expert Opinions:

  • Analysts: Price targets for 2024 range from ₹37.6 to ₹52.52, reflecting cautious optimism. Long-term forecasts are scarce due to market uncertainties.
  • Market Sentiment: Investor sentiment seems positive, but concerns about the competitive landscape and global economic headwinds persist.

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Infibeam Share Price Target 2024

  • Moderate Growth (₹45-50): This projection reflects cautious optimism based on several factors:
    • Recent Performance: Continued revenue growth and a focus on profitability could fuel investor confidence.
    • Market Sentiment: Positive sentiment towards the Indian fintech and e-commerce sectors could spill over to Infibeam.
    • Near-Term Catalysts: Successful execution of recent partnerships and technological advancements could provide a short-term boost.
  • Key Risks:
    • Debt Levels & Cash Flow: High debt and concerns about cash flow generation could dampen investor enthusiasm.
    • Competition: Intense competition from established players could hinder market share growth.
    • Regulatory Changes: Unforeseen regulatory changes could impact the overall business environment.

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Infibeam Share Price Target 2025 to 2030

YearTarget Range (₹)Key DriversPotential Risks
202570-120* Continued industry growth in fintech & e-commerce
* Successful execution of recent partnerships & expansions
* Improvement in profitability & cash flow
* Intense competition from established players
* Unforeseen regulatory changes
* Global economic slowdown
2026130-240* Expansion into new markets & segments
* Continued focus on innovation & technology
* Strategic acquisitions & collaborations
* Execution challenges in growth plans
* Technological disruptions requiring significant investments
2027150-250* Increasing brand awareness & customer base
* Enhanced product & service offerings
* Growing international presence
* Economic downturns impacting consumer spending
* Geopolitical uncertainties affecting global markets
2028200-400* Successful diversification into new revenue streams
* Development of new technologies & partnerships
* Improved operational efficiency & cost management
* Regulatory tightening impacting business operations
* Data security breaches eroding consumer trust
2029350-550* Strong financial performance exceeding expectations
* Market leadership in specific segments
* Acquisition by a larger player (possible premium)
* Inability to adapt to rapidly changing market trends
* Negative publicity impacting brand reputation
2030600-800* Successful integration of acquisitions & investments
* Continued expansion into emerging markets
* Industry consolidation creating new opportunities
* Black swan events like pandemics or technological revolutions
* Stringent regulations hindering growth & profitability
  • Steady Upward Trend (₹70-800): This projection assumes continued growth and successful execution of long-term strategies:
    • Industry Tailwinds: Continued growth in the fintech and e-commerce sectors will provide a favorable backdrop.
    • Expansion & Innovation: Strategic expansion into new markets and continued investment in innovation could drive organic growth.
    • Profitability Improvement: Addressing debt and improving cash flow generation will enhance investor confidence.
  • Key Risks:
    • Execution Challenges: Inability to effectively execute growth plans could derail the upward trend.
    • Economic Downturn: A global economic slowdown could impact consumer spending and business growth.
    • Technological Disruption: Rapid technological advancements could necessitate significant investments and adaptation.

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Infibeam Share Price Target 2030 to 2040

YearTarget Range (₹)Possible ScenarioKey Risks
2031900-980Tech Adoption: Infibeam successfully integrates new technologies, increasing efficiency and competitiveness.Rapidly evolving technological landscape
2032950-1050Market Expansion: Infibeam expands into new markets or segments, boosting revenue and brand recognition.Geopolitical instability impacting international markets
20331020-1100Strategic Partnerships: Infibeam forms strategic partnerships with leading players, enhancing capabilities and reach.Unsuccessful integration or partnership challenges
20341080-1150Profitability Improvement: Infibeam optimizes operations and achieves significant profitability gains.Regulatory changes impacting business margins
20351100-1250Industry Consolidation: Mergers and acquisitions create opportunities for Infibeam to gain market share.Intense competition from emerging players
20361290-1400Sustainable Practices: Infibeam integrates sustainability practices, attracting ESG-conscious investors.Stringent sustainability regulations impacting costs
20371385-1560Data-Driven Growth: Infibeam leverages data analytics for personalized offerings and efficient decision-making.Data security breaches or privacy concerns
20381540-1700Global Brand Recognition: Infibeam establishes itself as a globally recognized brand, expanding customer base.Cultural and language barriers in new markets
20391710-1920Talent Acquisition & Retention: Infibeam attracts and retains top talent, driving innovation and growth.Changing workforce trends and talent competition
20401900-2020Industry Transformation Leader: Infibeam plays a key role in transforming the industry with innovative solutions.Inability to adapt to changing consumer behavior

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Infibeam Share Price Target 2040 to 2050

YearTarget Range (₹)Possible ScenarioKey Risks
20402000-2500Industry Leader: Infibeam establishes itself as a leader in specific industry segments, leveraging technology and strategic partnerships.Unforeseen technological disruptions
20412100-2600Global Expansion: Infibeam successfully expands into new international markets, driving significant revenue growth.Geopolitical and economic instability
20422200-2700Innovation Pioneer: Infibeam plays a major role in developing and adopting cutting-edge technologies, propelling market differentiation.Inability to adapt to changing regulatory landscapes
20432300-2800Merger or Acquisition: Infibeam merges with or is acquired by a larger player, creating significant value for shareholders.Unsuccessful integration or unfavorable acquisition terms
20442400-2900Sustainable Growth: Infibeam achieves consistent and sustainable growth through balanced expansion, innovation, and profitability.Black swan events like pandemics or natural disasters
20452500-3000Market Consolidation: Infibeam benefits from industry consolidation, gaining market share and brand recognition.Intense competition from newly emerged players
20462600-3100Industry Transformation: Infibeam plays a key role in transforming the industry through innovative solutions and partnerships.Inability to keep pace with rapid technological advancements
20472700-3200Global Powerhouse: Infibeam establishes itself as a global powerhouse in the industry, with strong brand presence and diverse offerings.Economic downturns impacting global markets
20482800-3300Continued Innovation: Infibeam maintains its focus on innovation, staying ahead of the curve and creating new revenue streams.Data security breaches or privacy concerns
20492900-3400Sustainable Impact: Infibeam integrates sustainability practices into its core operations, attracting ESG-conscious investors.Stringent regulations or policy changes impacting profitability
20503000-3500Future-Proofed Leader: Infibeam successfully navigates future uncertainties and remains a leader in the evolving market landscape.Unforeseeable future events and disruptions
  • Potential to Reach ₹1000+: This projection acknowledges the long-term potential but emphasizes the inherent uncertainties:
    • Long-Term Vision & Strategy: A clear and well-executed long-term vision and strategy are crucial for sustained growth.
    • Technological Advancements: Embracing and adapting to technological disruptions will be key to staying relevant.
    • Global Economic Landscape: Unforeseen economic and geopolitical events could significantly impact the market.
  • Key Risks:
    • Unforeseen Disruptions: Black swan events like pandemics or technological revolutions could significantly alter the business landscape.
    • Regulatory Landscape: Stringent regulations or policy changes could hinder growth and profitability.

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Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Fundamental Analysis

Company NameInfibeam Avenues Ltd.
Market Cap₹ 10,141.07 Cr.
Enterprise Value₹ 9,972.09 Cr.
Number of Shares277.84 Cr.
Face Value₹ 1
Dividend Yield0.14 %
Book Value (TTM)₹ 11.29
Cash₹ 168.98 Cr.
Debt₹ 0 Cr.
Promoter Holding28.13 %
EPS (TTM)₹ 0.51
Sales Growth53.09%
ROE4.90 %
ROCE6.43 %
Profit Growth93.96 %

Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Share Price Growth (In CR.)

infibeam share price growth

Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Profit & Loss – Last 3 Years (In CR.)

Profit & LossMAR 2021MAR 2022MAR 2023
Net Sales576.701,167.481,787.29
Total Expenditure452.621,030.161,611.68
Operating Profit124.08137.32175.60
Other Income9.148.1163.85
Exceptional Items000
Profit Before Tax60.4584.54181.50
Net Profit49.4069.86135.50
Adjusted EPS (Rs.)

Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Balance Sheet – Last 3 Years (In CR.)

Balance SheetMAR 2021MAR 2022MAR 2023
Equity and Liabilities
Share Capital133.11267.63267.78
Total Reserves2,524.042,484.972,691.63
Other N/C liabilities41.0497.53134.43
Current liabilities563.80716.66723.48
Total Liabilities3,273.023,566.793,817.31
Net Block2,077.892,035.822,074.64
Capital WIP000
Intangible WIP14.4165.564.81
Loans & Advances25.28100.9683.77
Other N/C Assets7.6222.5147.08
Current Assets757.10895.261,017.01
Total Assets3,273.023,566.793,817.31

Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Cash Flows – Last 3 Years (In CR.)

Cash FlowsMAR 2021MAR 2022MAR 2023
Profit from Operations60.4584.54181.50
Changes in Assets & Liabilities40.386.03-28.85
Tax Paid-13.79-52.9416.04
Operating Cash Flow157.79101.68178.37
Investing Cash Flow-112.01-68.20-155.84
Financing Cash Flow-9.26-35.6336.91
Net Cash Flow36.52-2.1559.43

Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Strengths & Weakness


  • The company has demonstrated robust profit growth of 50.88% over the past 3 years.
  • With a revenue growth of 45.36% over the same period, the company has shown consistent expansion.
  • Operating virtually debt-free, the company maintains a strong financial position.
  • A healthy interest coverage ratio of 86.29 signifies the company’s ability to meet its interest obligations comfortably.
  • The company’s PEG ratio of 0.76 indicates its favorable growth prospects relative to its current valuation.
  • Demonstrating efficiency, the company boasts a Cash Conversion Cycle of just 9.92 days.
  • With a CFO/PAT ratio of 1.93, the company displays effective cash flow management.


  • Despite its strengths, the company exhibits a modest ROE of 3.14% over the past 3 years.
  • Similarly, the company’s ROCE stands at 4.02% over the same period, indicating room for improvement in capital efficiency.
  • Trading at a high EV/EBITDA ratio of 38.87, the company’s valuation may be perceived as elevated.

Does Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Pays dividends?

Yes, Infibeam Avenues Ltd. pays dividends to its shareholders. They have a consistent record of doing so, typically on a quarterly basis. Here’s some information about their dividend history:

  • Dividend Yield: As of today, February 6, 2024, Infibeam’s dividend yield is around 0.13%.
  • Recent Dividend: In the quarter ending March 2023, Infibeam declared a dividend of ₹0.05 per share.

It’s important to note that dividend payments can vary depending on the company’s financial performance and future plans. It’s always a good idea to check the company’s website or investor relations page for the latest information on their dividend policy.


Q. When will Infibeam Share Price Could Reach ₹500?

As per analysis, Infibeam Avenues Ltd. share price could hit ₹500 in 2028-29 (Approx.)

Q. When will Infibeam Share Price Hit ₹1000?

According to experts, Infibeam stock hit ₹1000 at 2032-2035.

Q. What will be the infibeam share price target for 2024?

At the end of this year Infibeam Avenues Ltd. share price possible to reach at ₹45-60.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Invest only after thorough research and considering your risk tolerance. Infibeam's journey will be influenced by various internal and external factors, making accurate long-term predictions challenging.
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