Tata Motors Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050: A Fundamental Analysis

Tata Motors Share Price Target

Tata Motors, the Indian auto giant, has captured investor imagination with its diverse portfolio, growing electric vehicle (EV) segment, and global presence. But what does the future hold for its share price? Buckle up, as we explore potential targets based on fundamental & technical analysis, along with market expert insights for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and even 2050!

About Tata Motors Ltd.

Tata Motors Limited is a multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, India, and part of the Tata Group. They specialize in producing a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • Cars: Passenger vehicles like sedans, SUVs, and hatchbacks.
  • Trucks: Commercial vehicles of various sizes and capacities.
  • Vans: Passenger and cargo vans for both personal and commercial use.
  • Buses: Buses for public transportation, school transportation, and other purposes.

Key facts about Tata Motors:

  • Subsidiaries: Includes prestigious brands like Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Daewoo.
  • Joint ventures: Partnered with companies like Hitachi and Stellantis for specific vehicle segments.
  • Manufacturing plants: Spread across India, Argentina, South Africa, UK, and Thailand.
  • Research & Development: Centers located in India, South Korea, UK, and Spain.
  • Market presence: Listed on major stock exchanges like BSE (India), NSE (India), and NYSE (US).
  • Global ranking: Ranked 265th on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2019.

Company Profile

CompanyTata Motors Ltd.
Company typePublic
Traded asBSE: 500570, NSE: TATAMOTORS, NSE NIFTY 50 Constituent
Founded1945 (79 years ago)
FounderJehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleNatarajan Chandrasekaran (Chairman), Gunter Butschek (CEO), Martin Uhlarik (CDO)
ProductsAutomobiles, Luxury vehicles, Commercial vehicles, Automotive parts, Pickup trucks, SUVs
Production output1.1 Million (approx) (2021)
ServicesAutomotive finance, Vehicle leasing, Vehicle service
Revenue₹350,600.15 crore (US$44 billion) (2023)
Operating income₹7,059.30 crore (US$880 million) (2023)
Net income₹2,414.30 crore (US$300 million) (2023)
Total assets₹336,081.38 crore (US$42 billion) (2023)
Total equity₹45,321.80 crore (US$5.7 billion) (2023)
Number of employees~81,811+ (2023)
ParentTata Group
SubsidiariesTata Motors Cars, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Daewoo, Tata Marcopolo, Tata Technologies, Tata Hispano, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050

As per our tata motors share technical & fundamental analysis, here’s tata motors share price projections for the upcoming years. Remember, It’s just an projection based on previous stock performance and company fundamentals.

Here’s how tata motors share price possible to reach:

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2024

  • Target Range: ₹1050-₹1450
  • Supporting Factors: Continued upward trend, healthy financial performance, potential EV market growth, positive analyst opinions.
  • Challenges: Rising input costs, economic slowdown, intense competition.

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Tata Motors Share Price Target 2025

  • Target Range: ₹1500-₹2500
  • Supporting Factors: Continued EV adoption, government support for EVs, potential new model launches, global expansion, and improved operating efficiency.
  • Challenges: Volatility in global markets, semiconductor chip shortage, rising interest rates.
  • Expert Insights: Analysts generally project continued growth, with some expecting a more significant jump due to the anticipated EV boom.

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Tata Motors Share Price Target 2030

  • Target Range: ₹3,000-₹4,500
  • Supporting Factors: Strong presence in the Indian EV market, potential leadership in connected car technology, successful global expansion, and brand consolidation.
  • Challenges: Intense competition from established automakers and new EV players, technological disruptions, and regulatory changes.
  • Expert Insights: Long-term predictions are more speculative, but analysts generally believe Tata Motors is well-positioned for significant growth, with some even suggesting higher targets depending on market conditions.

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Tata Motors Share Price Target 2040 & 2050

  • Target Range: Highly speculative, potentially ₹18,000-₹25,000 by 2050
  • Supporting Factors: Global dominance in the EV market, successful adoption of autonomous driving technology, and integration of sustainable practices across the entire value chain.
  • Challenges: Unforeseen technological advancements, drastic shifts in consumer preferences, and geopolitical or environmental uncertainties.
  • Expert Insights: Predicting this far ahead is almost impossible, but analysts acknowledge the potential for substantial growth if the company navigates these challenges effectively.

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Tata Motors Ltd. Fundamentals

Market Cap₹ 3,07,961.47 Cr.
Enterprise Value₹ 3,25,419.26 Cr.
No. of Shares332.28 Cr.
Face Value₹ 2
Div. Yield0.23 %
Book Value (TTM)₹  83.10
Cash₹ 1,414.65 Cr.
Debt₹ 18,872.44 Cr.
Promoter Holding46.37 %
EPS (TTM)₹  25.49
Sales Growth39.13%
ROE12.90 %
Profit Growth256.86 %

Tata Motors Ltd. Share Price History

YearTata Motors (₹)YOY Change (%)High (↑) – Low (↓) Range (₹)
2011₹176.51-31.8%↑ ₹264, ↓ ₹136
2012₹309.0975.1%↑ ₹317, ↓ ₹176
2013₹372.4220.4%↑ ₹400, ↓ ₹249
2014₹490.8531.8%↑ ₹544, ↓ ₹327
2015₹391.25-20.3%↑ ₹605, ↓ ₹279
2016₹471.3520.4%↑ ₹598, ↓ ₹266
2017₹431.20-8.6%↑ ₹553, ↓ ₹357
2018₹172.60-60%↑ ₹443, ↓ ₹154
2019₹185.107.2%↑ ₹239, ↓ ₹106
2020₹183.70-0.8%↑ ₹201, ↓ ₹63.60
2021₹482.35162.5%↑ ₹536, ↓ ₹184
2022₹388.10-19.6%↑ ₹528, ↓ ₹366
2023₹779.95100.9%↑ ₹802, ↓ ₹381
2024₹878.7512.6%↑ ₹900, ↓ ₹776

Tata Motors Ltd. Profilt & Loss

ParticularsMAR 2021 (In Cr.)MAR 2022 (In Cr.)MAR 2023 (In Cr.)
Net Sales (Rs. Cr)30,175.0347,263.6865,757.33
Total Expenditure28,741.3145,764.7561,226.28
Operating Profit1,433.721,498.934,531.05
Other Income440.64659.91820.94
Exceptional Items-307.5583.41-282.82
Profit Before Tax-2,274.72-1,640.051,254.80
Net Profit-2,395.44-1,390.862,728.13
Adjusted EPS (Rs.)-6-4.547.12

Tata Motors Ltd. Share Analysis

Explore the Indian Auto Industry, ranking among the top 5 globally. With robust government support and promising export growth, let’s analyze Tata Motors’ stock performance. Sales surged by 39.13%, reaching Rs 18,668.56 Cr.

Despite inventory turnover concerns (19.49 times), the company reported a remarkable 256.86% profit growth at Rs 2,728.13 Cr. Operating profit for the latest quarter stands at Rs 1,975.48 Cr, reflecting strong operational performance.

With an average ROE of 12.90% and a low Debt to Equity ratio of 0.84, Tata Motors appears financially sound. The dividend of Rs 2 per share suggests a commitment to shareholders, though the yield is modest at 0.21%.

Promoter share stands at 46.37%, with no pledging. Evaluate the PE multiple at 36.32 compared to the 5-year average of 17.67 to gauge market sentiment.

Current share price: Rs 926. Use ticker valuation calculators for insights into Tata Motors’ stock valuation.

Tata Motors Ltd. Strengths & Weakness


  1. Demonstrated a robust profit growth of 33.41% over the last 3 years.
  2. Impressive PEG ratio of 0.14.
  3. Efficient Cash Conversion Cycle of -18.14 days.
  4. Strong degree of Operating leverage, with an average of 6.28.


  1. Lackluster revenue growth at 14.39% over the past 3 years.
  2. Poor ROE of -2.87% and ROCE of 2.86% over the same period.
  3. Unfavorable tax rate at -117.42.
  4. Trading at a high PE of 36.35.


Q. When will tata motors ltd. reach ₹1000?

As per expert analysis, At the end of this year tata motors possible to hit ₹1000.

Q. What will be the tata motors share price target for 2025?

The tata motors Ltd. share price target for 2025 is ₹1500 to ₹2500 (Approximately).

Q. What will be the tata motors share price target for 2030?

Estimated Targets to hit ₹3,000 to ₹4,500

Disclaimer: Dear Reader, Please don’t consider these projections as a advice. This is based on my fundamental and technical analysis, but the actual growth of any company and stock contain many factors. So, Do your own research before taking any investment decision…read more

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