Nick Bare net worth 2024: A Success Story of a American Youtuber, Author, Enterpreneur and Soldier

nick bare net worth
Nick Bare Net Worth

Nick Bare net worth: Welcome to Money Laid. Today, we will talk about America’s multiple roles hold person, Nick Bare.

Who is Nick Bare?


Nick Bare, an American YouTuber, Author, entrepreneur, soldier, Bodybuilder and runner holds multiple roles in the industry.

He serves as the CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition, the founder of the Embrace The Suck Training Program, and also hosts The Bare Performance podcast.

Nick Bare Personal Life

Born on August 1, 1990, in Austin, Texas, Nick Bare is a 33-year-old (as of 2023) American who falls under the zodiac sign of Leo.

Nick Bare Education

While attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Nick Bare pursued a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Nutrition and minoring in Business Administration. Simultaneously, he actively participated in the ROTC (The Reserve Officer Training Corps) program offered at the university.

Nick Bare Family

Nick Bare’s parents are named Mike Bare (father) and Linda Bare (mother). Additionally, he has a brother named Preston Bare.

nick bare wife

He was in a relationship for a long time with a YouTuber, Stefany Banda, and in December 2018, the couple got engaged. In March 2020, Stefany and Nick, through their social media accounts, announced that they would be getting married in late 2020.

Nick Bare Cars Collections

  • Ford Ranger Raptor
  • BMW M4

Nick Bare Favorite Things

FoodPizza, Burger, Parmesan Truffle Fries
BarThe Rustic Tap in Austin
Nick Bare Favorite Things

Nick Bare Physical standards

nick bare age

Nick Bare Born on 1st August, 1990. So, Nick Bare is a 29-year-old (as of 2022)

nick bare height and weight

Weight88.45 Kg
nick bare height and weight

nick bare eye and hair color

Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark brown
nick bare eye and hair color

Nick Bare Career Milestones

As an Army Officer

After completing his graduation, Nick Bare embarked on a new journey by joining the US Army in May 2013. He was commissioned as an Infantry Officer and commenced his military service at Fort Benning, GA. There, he dedicated his first year to undergo intensive training, including the Infantry Officer Course, Ranger School, and Airborne School.

Following his training, Nick was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas, where he assumed the role of an Infantry Platoon Leader. During this time, he honed his leadership skills and gained valuable experience in a dynamic and challenging environment.

However, a new chapter awaited Nick as he was later stationed in South Korea. It was during his time in South Korea that he devoted much of his attention to building his own business. Despite his military commitments, Nick demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurship and managed to develop his business ventures.

In 2017, after a fulfilling military career, Nick Bare made the decision to retire from the military, marking the end of his active duty service. This step allowed him to focus entirely on his entrepreneurial pursuits and explore new opportunities in various domains.

As an Entrepreneur

Nick Bare’s entrepreneurial journey commenced with his venture into producing and selling pre-exercise supplements while still in college. Recognizing an opportunity, he seized the chance to turn his passion into a business. Coincidentally, during his final year in college, the military-affiliated bank, USAA, offered a loan of up to $25,000 to ROTC cadets nearing graduation. Nick saw this as the perfect opportunity to launch his own company, thus giving rise to ‘Bare Performance Nutrition’ (BPN) in 2012.

To kickstart his business, Nick collaborated with a reputable manufacturer based in the United States. Together, they worked on formulating, producing, and rigorously testing his first two products, Flight (pre-workout) and Intra-Flight (BCAAs). This marked the initial steps in establishing BPN as a brand focused on providing quality supplements to fitness enthusiasts.

While serving in the military, Nick simultaneously began building his presence on social media platforms, which would later prove instrumental in the growth of his business. In 2012, he took to YouTube, launching his own channel. It was in October 2014 that he uploaded his first video, titled ‘Full Day of Eating.’ This marked the beginning of his journey as a content creator, sharing his fitness experiences, insights, and advice with his growing audience.

As a Youtuber

One of Nick Bare’s primary motivations for starting his YouTube channel was to generate public awareness and attention for his brand. Over time, his channel gained substantial traction, and by 2020, it had amassed over 536K subscribers. This demonstrated the growing interest in Nick’s content and the increasing recognition of his brand, Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN).

After retiring from the military in 2017, Nick made a pivotal decision to shift his complete focus towards BPN. With relentless dedication, he led the brand to remarkable success, scaling it into multiple seven-figure businesses within the sports nutrition and dietary supplement industry. As part of BPN’s expansion, the company expanded its product offerings to include various merchandise items such as shirts, shaker/water bottles, bags, gift cards, and duffel bags. This diversification allowed BPN to cater to a broader consumer base and further strengthen its brand presence.

In addition to his achievements with BPN, Nick Bare went on to create the ‘Embrace the Suck’ Training programs. These programs, which span up to 12 weeks, were designed to mirror Nick’s own training style. By sharing his training methods and principles with others, Nick aimed to inspire individuals to embrace challenges, push their limits, and achieve their fitness goals.

As a Author or Enterpreneur

In 2020, Nick Bare released a book titled ’25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What You Want.’ This book shares insights and strategies for achieving success by going above and beyond the usual efforts.

As a Founder Of Bare Performance Nutrition

In 2015, Nick started a separate YouTube channel called ‘Bare Performance Nutrition,’ which also serves as a platform for his ‘Bare Performance Podcast.’ Through this channel, Nick not only promotes and advertises BPN’s products but also shares the inspiring story behind the brand.

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Nick bare social media presence

Nick Bare has built a significant social media presence, with a strong following on both YouTube and Instagram. On YouTube, he has amassed an impressive subscriber base of 931K individuals who tune in to watch his content. This substantial number highlights the popularity and reach of his channel.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Nick Bare boasts an impressive 863K followers. This substantial following on a visually-oriented platform indicates his ability to engage and connect with his audience across various social media channels. Through his content and online presence, Nick Bare has cultivated a dedicated community that appreciates and supports his work.

Youtube ChannelNick Bare
WebsiteBase Performance Nutrition
Nick bare social media presence

nick bare net worth 2024

Nick Bare, the fitness influencer, has amassed a considerable net worth of $15 Million. While his large social media following has certainly played a role in his financial success, the primary source of his income stems from his business venture, Bare Performance Nutrition. This company has flourished under Nick’s guidance and has become a significant contributor to his overall wealth.

In addition to his business endeavors, Nick also generates revenue through multiple streams. His YouTube channel, with its substantial viewership, allows him to earn money through advertisements. Furthermore, Nick leverages his platform by hosting a podcast, which brings in additional income through sponsorships and partnerships.

Public speaking events provide another avenue for Nick to supplement his earnings. His expertise in the fitness industry and his motivational story make him a sought-after speaker at conferences, seminars, and other events.

Moreover, Nick’s book deal has been a profitable venture, allowing him to generate revenue from book sales and related promotional activities. His book, ’25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What You Want,’ has resonated with readers and has contributed to his overall financial success.

Collectively, these diverse income streams, combined with his business acumen and charismatic online presence, have propelled Nick Bare’s net worth to an impressive $15 Million.

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nick bare diet

To support his endurance training, Nick recognizes the significance of consuming a substantial amount of carbohydrates. Prior to running, he prefers to supplement his nutrition with G.1.M Sport, which provides him with essential nutrients necessary for long-distance running.

Additionally, Nick emphasizes the importance of replenishing lost fluids after workouts. As a result, he makes it a priority to eat soon after training to replenish his body’s hydration levels and aid in the recovery process.

nick bare hybrid training program

nick bare hybrid training program(Source: Official Nick Bare Youtube Channel)

Interesting facts about Nick Bare

  • During his teenage years, Nick Bare struggled with anorexia but successfully recovered in his late teens. Following his recovery, he became more health-conscious and began working out at his high school football gym alongside his friends. This marked the start of his journey towards embracing a fitness-focused lifestyle. Inspired by his newfound passion for health and wellness, Nick decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nutrition.
  • To promote his business, Nick delved into learning videography, photography, and social media marketing. In early 2014, after moving to Texas, he took the initiative to establish his own social media platforms. Initially, he focused on sharing workout and nutrition advice on YouTube. Over time, Nick expanded his content to include military topics and behind-the-scenes glimpses of building Bare Performance Nutrition.
  • The motto of Nick’s company is ‘Go One More.’ According to him, this motto serves as a powerful encouragement to push beyond perceived limits of the mind and body. It embodies the concept of continuous improvement and progression. Nick emphasizes that the application of ‘Go One More’ should be a daily practice, pushing oneself a little further, training a little harder, and consistently seeking growth and knowledge.
  • In 2020, Nick had been preparing to participate in the prestigious Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon. However, due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, the 2020 Boston Marathon was ultimately canceled.
  • In 2019, Nick proudly participated in the Ironman Triathlon, a grueling race consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a full marathon run of 26.22 miles. His dedication paid off as he received a finisher medal.
  • In 2018, Nick was among the participants of the Austin Marathon, an annual event held in Austin, Texas, where runners from all 50 US states and 35 countries typically come together to run the marathon.
  • Outside of his fitness endeavors, Nick enjoys skiing and makes it a point to go skiing with his fiancée, Stefany, once a year. He also appreciates spending quality time with friends and family, often seen enjoying a drink together.
  • Nick has expressed his love for dogs and is an avid dog lover. He is a proud owner of three pet dogs, with one of them named ‘Ry.’
  • To express his values and personal motivations, Nick has three tattoos on his body. One tattoo is located on the back of his arm, while another one bears the words ‘Go One More’ on his wrist. Additionally, he has a tattoo of his surname on the side of his abdomen.

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